Product Testimonials

The Blast Armour was all that you said it was. The adhering power was great and simple to use. Our painters were so happy to reduce their time by at least 90%. Great product, will be ordering more product.

Elmond Broadwater

"We have been using Flange Armour's Pipe Armour pipe caps (closed end protectors) for a few years and have been very happy with them. The unique design makes working with these pipe caps much easier and quicker and we no longer have loss from damage or destroyed caps."


“Blast Armour has been a game changer in our shop operations. Anytime you can do something more safely and at a lower cost it’s a huge win”


 “Through the use of Flange Armour products in our coating operations, we have experienced a significant decrease in overall preparation and set-up time. The Flange Armour products provide great protection from grit media, and clean lines during the paint process. At Cahill we use a variety of different sizes, and have always been satisfied with the outcome.”

Matthew Stanley (Cahill Fabrication)

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