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Flange Armour

Flange Armour Protection

Flange Armour is the premiere Flange Protection that reduces the risk of flange defects and damage. Flange Armour reduces fabrication and capital costs, delivery times and improves site preservation. Flange Armour is the future of Quality Flange Integrity Protection.


  • Improved flange raised face protection
  • Reduces defects and damage
  • Reduces capital costs
  • Reduces inspection time
  • Improved Predictability/Reliability
  • Quick and easy use
  • High visibility
  • Improves fabrication yield and throughput
  • Reduces fabrication costs
  • Reduces shipping preparation time
  • Reduces assembly time/costs
  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable/Reusable
  • Improves product delivery time


  • Pipe spools/Equipment flanges
  • Construction projects
  • Warehouse/Yard preservation
  • Asset life cycle
  • Valve flange face protection
  • Commissioning/Immobilization
  • Turnarounds/Shutdowns
  • High visibility for safe transportation


No Tools Requred

No Tools Required

  • Reduced defects and damage
  • Reduces refacing costs
  • Improved assembly time/cost
  • Improved shipping preparation time

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Oil & Gas • Marine • Aerospace • Specialty Machine Surfaces • Onshore / Offshore • Piping Spools • Vessels