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Save up to 80% of your current labour time and cost by using Flange Armour® protection products.

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Flange Armour

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Flange Armour® Inc. specializes in developing high-quality performance flange protection products for sandblasting, painting, product delivery, and site preservation.
“Our business is flange protection” ™

Flange Armour® Inc. has driven change and advancement of flange protection by designing and bringing to market innovative, cost-effective protection that is disrupting and transforming current industry practices worldwide that have become outdated, inefficient and continue to cost fabricators lost revenue.

Flange Armor

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Flange Armour® protection system products are reducing sandblasting and painting labor time and costs by up to 180% compared to old industry practices and are improving delivery preparation time, product quality, and delivery of client assets to site. Our high visible Flange Armour protection covers are improving visibility and awareness of flanged equipment on roads for general public safety and bring better awareness to site personal approaching equipment on site.

Flange Armor

Flange Armour® protection system products have been designed to be the full complement of high-performance flange protection for sandblasting, painting, product delivery, and site preservation, which are becoming the preferred choice by fabricators worldwide and conform to ANSI, ASME and API standards.

Today's competitive and fast-paced, results-driven environment relies on fabricators to deliver client products on-time and with the highest of quality. Process component integrity is an integral part of product delivery and damage to flange raised faces can result in expensive repairs and schedule delays resulting in increased project costs.

Flange Armour® Inc. personal has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, from site construction to facility commissioning. Flange Armour® protection products will exceed your expectations.


“Blast Armour has been a game changer in our shop operations. Anytime you can do something more safely and at a lower cost it’s a huge win.” 
CDN Customer 

“Through the use of Flange Armour products in our coating operations, we have experienced a significant decrease in overall preparation and set-up time. The Flange Armour products provide great protection from grit media and clean lines during the painting process.”
CDN Customer

Our Commitment

“Our business is flange protection”™ and, by using our products, they will improve your project schedules, budgets, rework costs, and your departments' process workflows, while giving you confidence that your process component connections are always protected by the best in the industry. Taking care of our client's assets is our main concern, and investing in Flange Armour® Inc. protection products, they will help you achieve improved predictability, reliability, and "peace of mind."

Flange Armour® Inc. products are reusable, recyclable, easy to use, and do not require any tools to apply or remove.

Flange Armour® Inc. protection products have been developed to improve the protection of your piping spools, vessel nozzles, and mechanical process equipment tie-ins from fabrication to work site delivery and throughout the asset maintenance lifecycle.

Oil & Gas • Marine • Aerospace • Specialty Machine Surfaces • Onshore / Offshore • Piping Spools • Vessels