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Flange Armour Inc.

Flange Armour Inc. specializes in innovative "Process Improvement Solutions" products for process component protection. Our patented protection products have been proven to improve your labor/time cost while maintaining or improving your quality predictability and yield throughput confidence; at the same time improving your company's bottom line.

Today's competitive and fast paced, results driven environment relies on fabricators to deliver client products on-time and with the highest of quality. Process component integrity is an integral part of product delivery, and damage to flanges, flange raised faces or pipe-ends can result in expensive repairs and schedule delays resulting in unexpected increased project delivery costs.

Flange Armour has developed innovative products that can assist in providing fabricators the ability to deliver faster with our process improvement products. Continued use of Flange Armour products in lay down yards and equipment staging areas offers additional "piece of mind" knowing that your components will be available in "ready for use" condition when needed.

With over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, from site construction to facility commissioning our team is available to assist you. This ensures that your success is easier to achieve and that we exceed your expectations with every solution.

Give your company a competitive advantage by using Flange Armour protection products.

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By using Flange Armour "Process Improvement Solutions" component protection products your project schedules and budgets can improve ensuring your process components are protected at all times from defects and damage.

Flange Armour Inc. provides three flange protection types and Pipe Armour, the latest in pipe cap technology and pipe-end protection that are reusable, recyclable, easy to use and do not require any tools to apply or remove. Specific industry and process improvement solution consulting available in other areas of construction, and plant and equipment maintenance as well.

Using Flange Armour "Process Improvement Solutions" you will be improving the protection of your products such as: piping spools, vessel nozzles and mechanical process equipment tie-ins from fabrication to work site delivery and throughout the asset maintenance lifecycle.

Taking care of our client's assets is our main concern and investment in Flange Armour "Process Improvement Solutions" products will help you achieve improved predictability, reliability and "piece of mind."

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Oil & Gas • Marine • Aerospace • Specialty Machine Surfaces • Onshore / Offshore • Piping Spools • Vessels