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Flange Armour Inc.

Who We Are

Flange Armour Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based company, specializing in protecting your flange assets from fabrication to site delivery. Our patented protection system improves quality predictability and your companies bottom line.

With over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, from site construction to facility commissioning our team is available to assist you. This ensures that your success is easier to achieve and that we exceed your expectations with every solution.

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Flange Armour Benefits

Our Commitment

Keep your project on schedule by ensuring your flanges are protected. Flange Armour in Calgary, Alberta, provides a range of flange protection products for the oil and gas industry. Specific industry consulting available for other areas of construction.

Flange Armour specializes in complete flange protection from fabrication assembly to site delivery. Today’s fast pace environment relies heavily on fabricators to delivery client products with high quality and on-time delivery. Flange Integrity is an integral part of product delivery and damage to flange faces can result in extra costs to repair and can delay commissioning of new equipment or piping. Flange Armour Inc, has developed innovations in technology that assists a fabrication facility to produce defects free flange Raised Faces and protects the full flange being delivered to site and preserves while staged at the site.

Taking care of a client ‘s asset is the main concern for anyone and investing in Flange Armour, you will achieve improved predictability and reliability with our process improvement solutions. Flange Armour will help protect your client's assets such as piping spools, vessel nozzles during fabrication to site delivery and throughout the asset lifecycle.

Oil & Gas • Marine • Aerospace • Specialty Machine Surfaces • Onshore / Offshore • Piping Spools • Vessels